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Our breed club's mission has ever been to perpetuate its unique breeds from rarity into the future.  We actively recruit new families to be breeders believing that our puppies, nurtured in loving home environments, will make the best companions.

In compliance with recently passed USDA  laws, shipping is offered on our puppies which are sold as potential breeding prospects.

We do not spay or neuter young puppies as pets prior to shipping.  Every puppy will be evaluated for its suitability for breeding.  Those not meeting the contract stipulations for breeding are required to be spayed or neutered.

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Toy Boxers

Introducing the TOY BOXER: 

So many people think there's no cuter puppy than a boxer puppy. 
But many of us wish they could stay that small.

Toy Boxers grow up to be the size of a Boxer puppy between 5 and 20 lbs.!

Ideal for the person who loves the AKC Boxer but doesn't have the space or energy to keep up with one. You are going to love the smaller alternative, the Boxiebear. 
He fits in! He's smaller, easier to take care of, and has no known health issues. We will tell you why you will want one and where to get it. Every puppy purchased through this website is guaranteed to be in good health.

Puppies may be transported by airline or ground shipping
One year health warranty included in price

Toy Boxer's Most Desirable Qualities as Family Dog:

Our breeders with puppies are listed by state along the top menu bar.
International Toy Boxer Club has puppies available now from our exclusive network of responsible breeders. 

Email us for immediate service.  We will call you back within 24 hours, often within the hour. You are invited to speak to our individual breeders by phone and visit the puppies in their homes.  

Please buy your puppy here and help a special child Get-A-Wag Therapy Dog.

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